Kálmán Medzihradszky
D.Sc., professor emeritus, M.H.A.S.

Mail address:

H-1518 Budapest 112, P.O. Box 32, Hungary

Short CV:


Full professor, Eötvös L. University, Department of Organic Chemistry
Head: Research Group of Peptide Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Personal data / Education:

Date and place of birth April 20, 1928, Rákoscsaba, Hungary
1950M.Sc./Diploma in Chemistry: Eötvös L. University,
1967 PhD: Eötvös L. University,
1970 D.Sc.: Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
1982 Corresponding Member of the Hung. Acad. Sci.,
1990 Ordinary Member of the Hung. Acad. Sci.,


 Prorector of the University, 1980-1983
 Dean, Faculty of Sciences, 1983-1989
 Director, Institute of Chemistry, 1989-1993

Research interest:

 Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of peptide hormones and neuropeptides. Interactions between biologically active peptides and their receptors, mechanism of action, especially in the field of melanotropins and opioid peptides.


 There is a lot, e.g. gardening, wine-making, cacti and philately.

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