Tamás Vajda
D.Sc., retired full professor

Mail address:

H-1518 Budapest 112, P.O. Box 32, Hungary
+36-1-372-2500 /1731

Short CV::

(See also: Marquis Who's Who 18th and 19th Eds.). Professor Tamás Vajda (retired since 1996) graduated as a chemist at the Eötvös L. University Budapest, Hungary and also his Ph.D. of protein chemistry was received at this University (1959). He joined then the Organic Chemistry Department of the same University.- In 1964/65 he spent a postdoctoral year at the Florida State University-. His Doctor of Science degree was based on a dissertation related to enzyme kinetics (1990). For the work in hetero-cyclic chemistry Prof. Vajda was awarded with the international van't Hoff Grant (shared with the late Prof. Kálmán Kovács).


Prof. Vajda took part in several forms of organic chemistry teaching (laboratory, lecturing). In the years of 1972-1994 he gave main courses of organic chemistry. For some years, the same lecture was given also in English for foreign students.

Research fields:

Dr. Vajda's earlier interest included pyridine chemistry and sequence peptide polymers, which shifted then to enzyme kinetics, after a two months study in Copenhagen at the Carlsberg Laboratory. For the last twenty-five years his research topic has included enzyme-oscillations and cryochemistry. In the given case, cryochemistry means different types of reactions conducted in frozen solutions and the investigation of the chirality formation under frozen conditions, as well. This last field is related -in some extent- to the abiotic evolution of chirality.

Publications: 52 Five Selected Publications
  • Vajda.T. and Kovács,K.: Direct substitution in pyridine ring systems by basic reagents., Rec.trav.Chim., 80, 47-56 (1961).
  • DeTar,D.F. and Vajda,T.: Sequence peptide polymers., J.Am.Chem.Soc., 89, 998-1004 (1967).
  • Vajda,T., Almási,F. and Vántus,T.: Self-Similarity of Mn(II)-Induced Trypsin Activity Oscillations. Experimental Evidence., J. Inorg.Biochem.,52,131-138 (1993).
  • Vajda,T. and Hollósi,M.: Cryo-bioorganic chemistry: freezing effect on stereoselection of L- and DL-leucine cooligomerization in aquesous solution., Cell.Mol.Life Sci., 58, 343-346 (2001).
  • Vajda,T., Mák,M. and Hollósi,M.: Cryo-bioorganic chemistry: freezing effect on stereo-selection of DL-alanine-N-carboxyanhydride oligomerization in dioxane solution., Cryo-Letters 24, 253-259 (2003).

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