Furka, Á., Sebestyén, F., Asgedom, M., Dibó, G. MORE PEPTIDES BY LESS LABOUR (1988). Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium of Medicinal Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary, p. 288.
We suggest a procedure for preparation of peptide mixtures instead of individual peptides. In this way a great number ofpeptides can be synthesized saving a lot of time and labour. The peptide mixtures can be subjected to biological tests and/or to fractionation. Thus synthesis of peptide mixtures can help in searching for new bioactive peptides. A mixture of 27 tetrapeptides was prepared starting from 3 equal samples of Ala-resin which were acylated with Boc-derivatives of Glu, Phe and Lys, resp. The 3 resin derivatives obtained were mixed, then divided into 3 equal parts. 1st part was coupled with Glu, 2nd with Phe and the 3rd with Lys. The 3 products  were mixed again, the resin mixture was divided into 3 parts which were separately coupled with the earlier amino acid derivatives. The peptide were cleaved from the resin and, after processing, they were identified with paper electrophoresis and Edman degradation. All peptides expected were present in the mixtures. No biological test on the mixtures were performed so far. Partners are welcomed for cooperation.

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