Csongor Szíjjártó
PhD Student, Msc

Mail address:

C/ Poeta Vila y Blanco 4. 26/441, 03003 Alicante, Spain
szcsongor at gmail.com
+34-669604484 (mobile), +34-965212011 / 441

Short CV:

Place and date of birth:
  • Székesfehérvár (Hungary), 25th July 1980
  • Hungarian
Education: Scientific interests:
  • Synthesis and analysis of fluorous organic compounds
  • Synthesis of micro- and nanoparticles with fluorous surfaces
  • Scientific Conference of Students (TDK), Árpád Gerecs - award 2002.
  • National Scientific Conference of Students (OTDK), commendation 2003.
  • English (advanced)
  • Spanish (intermediate)
  • German (intermediate)
  • Publications: 4
  • Conference posters: 3
  • Mixture synthesis of fluorous ketals: Mitsunobu reaction of homologous 3-perfluoralkyl-propanols with hexafluoroacetone sesquihydrate and collective determination of fluorophilicity values. József Rábai, Ana-Maria Bálint, Csongor Szíjjártó, Dénes Szabó; QSAR and Combinatorial Science, 2006, 25, 8, 761-765.
  • 3-(Perfluoroalkyl)propanols - Valuable Building Blocks for Fluorous Chemistry. József Rábai, Csongor Szíjjártó, Peter Ivanko, Dénes Szabó; Synthesis, 2007, 16, 2581-2584.
  • Syntheses of Fluorous Propenes from 3-Perfluoroalkyl-2-iodo-1-propanols. Csongor Szíjjártó, Peter Ivanko, Ferenc T. Takács, Dénes Szabó, József Rábai; Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 2008 (accepted, DOI: 10.1016/j.jfluchem.2008.01.012)
  • Ionophore-Doped Fluorous Sensing Membranes for Potentiometric pH Determinations With Exceptional Selectivity. Paul G. Boswell, Csongor Szíjjártó, Markus Jurisch, John A. Gladysz, József Rábai, Philippe Bühlmann; Analytical Chemistry, 2008 (accepted, DOI: 10.1021/ac702161c)
  • 2004. jul. 10-16. XIV. European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry, Poznan (Poland) Synthesis of Fluorophilic thiols and disulfides: An entry to fluorous gold nanoclusters Csongor Szíjjártó, József Rábai (poster)
  • 2004. sept. 30 - okt. 2. 2nd Szeged International Workshop on Advances in Nanoscience (SIWAN), Szeged (poster)
  • 2005. jul. 24-29. 17th International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry, Shanghai, China. "FUKM" supported manganese(IV) oxide and phenyltrimethylammonium tribromide for the novel and effective syntheses of organic disulfides. József Rábai, Csongor Szíjjártó, Valentin N. Mitkin, Ljudmila M. Levchenko, Alexander A. Galizky (poster)

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